Trusted Counsel to the Wine Industry

Facilitating Success In The Napa Valley For Nearly 40 Years

Since 1983, Chuck Meibeyer has represented families, entrepreneurs, and businesses in a wide array of industries (though focusing on the wine and hospitality industries).  Chuck’s reach extends nationally to clients who are enthusiastic about becoming connected to the Napa Valley.

His nearly four decades of experience give him the knowledge that clients need, but his personalized, energetic, and approachable service sets his counsel apart from the rest. Chuck is an enthusiastic ally who effectively serves clients throughout the life span of their business on business matters, real estate transactions, and land use and regulatory issues.

Business Transactions – Where Intuition Creates Better Transactions

After decades of facilitating business transactions, Chuck has the seasoned wisdom to know whether a deal achieves his client’s objectives. Rather than kill an unfavorable deal, he tries to make it better – but he also knows sometimes the best deals are the ones that you walk away from. Examples of the types of business transactions he handles most frequently include:

  • Entity formation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate transactions
  • Limited liability companies
  • Partnerships
  • Commercial real estate concerns

He has a proven record of pursuing creative and opportune partnerships that strengthen businesses and the Napa community, ranging from local wineries to the Culinary Institute of America.

Real Estate Transactions – Where You Need Advisers Who Have Boots On the Ground

Real estate transactions in California as a whole, and even more so in the Napa Valley, are immensely complex and high risk considering the price for a single acre of vineyard can reach $1,000,000 or more.  California has a thicket of regulations and requirements affecting real estate transactions, and the failure to comply with disclosure and other requirements can result in substantial claims for damages.  Chuck knows Napa, having lived here for almost 40 years, having walked its streets, hiked its trails, and investigated its vineyards.  He loves handling “dirt transactions” – whether clients are buying a dream home, land for development, or a trophy vineyard and/or winery.  Meibeyer has earned a reputation throughout the area as a highly regarded real estate law attorney. Chuck advises clients regarding all aspects of real estate law, including:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Option Agreements
  • Contracts
  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
  • Property Tax Assessments
  • Leases

Land Use Regulations –  You Need a Good Guide Through the Maze

Napa Valley is known for the exemplary quality of its wine. This quality, however, accompanies very rigorous, complex, and strict regulations for wineries and vineyards. Failure to comply with a statute or law can result in your project being rejected, costly fines and time-consuming administrative difficulties for individuals and businesses.

Having practiced law in wine country since 1983, Chuck is deeply familiar with the many regulations that govern business activities in wine country.  And those rules can be complex and contradictory – different rules apply to wineries created before and after 1990.  But experienced land use practitioners can find a way to maximize your opportunities regardless of which rules apply – if you know the precedents and can advocate successfully with the people making the decisions – oftentimes in large public hearings where you have to be on your toes. With a deep well of knowledge, Chuck can provide clear and prompt answers to any questions that may arise. As a passionate advocate for the wine and culinary industries, he stays abreast of the constantly changing rules and requirements, so you do not have to. You then can focus solely on running your business, knowing that your experienced counsel will keep you informed of issues that could affect you.  Among the regulatory matters that Chuck handles are:

  • Winery/vineyard permitting issues
  • Subdivision of Property
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Legal nonconformities
  • Williamson Act Contracts

Legal Guidance That Spans A Lifetime

Chuck believes in providing counsel that spans a client’s full life cycle for their business operations or their real estate investments in the Napa Valley.  He enjoys being “part of the team,” helping clients establish their businesses or buy their target property, and then advising them as they grow their operations, decide to upgrade, develop their property, or add new vineyards or wineries.  Over his career, he has had the great joy of helping his clients flourish with his guidance, sometimes ultimately becoming major players in the valley’s wine industry, or the owner of a multiple real property investments that produce substantial income and appreciation.

Learn How Chuck’s Counsel Can Benefit You

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Between Chuck’s knowledge regarding business and real estate transactions, and land use regulations, his representation can be a powerful assist for both newcomers and established enterprises. Contact his law office at 707-900-4474 or send him an email to learn more about how he can assist you.